This trainingspace near Amsterdam meets the needs of a true vitality club. 

"Heiloo Vitaal" in Heiloo is a vitality studio with great focus on habit changing in a familiar environment. The training space is well equiped with great functional training tools and the flooring consists of rubber on roll (workshop area) rubber tiles (power area) and a large custom synthetic grass area which is put on top of shockpads, making the whole area softer in order to not have to use an additional mat for stretches and ground-exercises.



  • 75 m2 rubber on roll

  • 75 m2 custom turf area with shockpads

  • 24 m2 rubber tiles 3cm

  • Double wall-mounted rack

  • Wall-mounted half rack

  • Kettlebells, plates, barbells,dumbells

  • Bands, balls, benches, plyoboxes, ropes

  • Multi-Pull-Up, sledges, mats, ...

  • 4-day Installation

  • Budget: under €21.000