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STEP 1: Consultation, measurement and advice

Tell us your ideas, dreams and demands. We measure your space, advise and calculate what‘s possible within your budget. Due to our experience, most of the time in this stage we also help you with business-specific questions.

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STEP 2: Visualization and implementation strategy

Our facility design experts make a 3D-visualization of your space and discuss with you how the delivery, building and implementation will go. In this stage we also fine-tune the budget and expectations.


STEP 3: Building and completion of the project

Our team guarantees a perfect installation and finishing of your functional training space so you are ready to open and kick-ass. Working with Perform Better also means continuous support after-sales.


Check out some of our club designs


Perform Better Benelux is not just a normal webshop. We have years of experience of how to built, run and market a training business. We run our own successful clubs in Ghent (BE) and have helped dozens of entrepreneurs to achieve their dream: a good looking facility with lots of clients.

Starting a new (personal) training studio, physio practice, club or box isn't that easy. You must have a clear picture of what you want and combine that with what's actually possible on your budget and what your target clients or market wants.


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Getting new members in consistently can be a real challenge. You must be aware of your client retention and get more people to sign up as much as possible. Besides being a good trainer, your location must fit your profile and that of your target prospect.
It must have the right look and feel to enable you to make new sales on a daily basis.

Besides building your club , our experienced consultants can also advise you on pricing, prospecting strategies, marketing, etc.

We have lots of experience and we know the market you're in. We'll be able to show you how to market your business and how to sell your services and products at the right price.

Starting a new training studio, club or box isn’t that easy. You must have a clear picture of what you want and what you really need to achieve your goals.


This is what we can help you with

  • Location selection

  • 3D visualization of what your location will look like

  • Price and marketing strategy

  • Business and financial planning

  • Build up of the location. I.e.placing the equipment and installing flooring etc,...

  • Training Programming

  • Education of your trainers/team

  • Follow-up consultancy and business advice



Do you need help with anything?

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