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Check out this BIG Perform Beter Flagship in Mol which is one of the top-10 functional training clubs in Belgium.

"Upgrade PT" in Mol, Belgium is a performance personal training center. The 400 m2 facility is installed with small-group and personal training in mind. The main area is  a 360 m2 rubber tile movement and weightlifting zone with a big rack in the corner. There's also a double sprinttrack with sledges and bands area. When entering the room, you can also find the cardio zone, consisting of 2 Concept2 rowers, 3 Assault bikes and a LifeFitness treadmill. In a couple of months, Perform Better will be building the new 200 m2 zone with Crossfit look & feel.



  • 360 m2 rubber tiles 3cm

  • 40 m2 custom sprint track

  • Big rack

  • Kettlebells, olympic plates, barbells, dumbells

  • Bands, balls, benches, plyoboxes, ropes

  • Multi-Pull-Up, sledges, mats, ...

  • Treadmill, Assault bike, lifting platform

  • 5-day Installation

  • Budget: under €40.000